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Test & Drop

Our Test and Drop (T&D) service is for anyone who wishes to have their swimming pool water tested given the correct chemicals, instructions on how to add them and self apply them to your swimming pool.

This service is contactless as well as accurate, testing swimming pool water with a digital photometer giving you peace of mind on chemical levels in your swimming pool. Our technicians are able to test your swimming pool water and leave you the correct chemicals as well as dose instructions to have a healthy and balanced swimming pool especially for those with busy schedules that do not allow for fortnightly or monthly trips to one of our three locations.

Simply request a service come home and have the correct chemicals waiting for you to take full advantage of the swimming pool.

Swimming pool test and drop

Test and drop is perfect for those busy and self quarantined lifestyles limiting face to face social interaction.

  1. Please note this service not available for spas.
  2. This service not not suitable for green pools please see our full service page for more information

For more information for contactless swimming pool Test and Drop of chemicals call 1300 117 665 or contact one of our three pool shop locations in Cannon Hill, Fairfield, Wishart.