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Robotic Pool Cleaner Repairs

Zodiac & Maytronics Dolphin Repair AgentsRobotic pool cleaners can be a fantastic solution to traditional swimming pool cleaners such as the Kreepy Krauly and Polaris pressure based cleaners as they are independent of the rest of the pool filtration, allow for a supreme clean, will save power and money on chemicals.

Unfortunately they do break and get damaged just like anything at JC Pool Services we service and repair all robotic pool cleaners from Maytronics, Astral, Hayward, Auto Pool, Davey, Filtite, WaterCo, Zodiac, ICH and more and are service agents for Maytronics who manufacture the Dolphin, Swash and Commercial pool cleaners as well as Zodiac whom manufacture the VX, TX and CX range of robotic cleaners respectively. All repairs are made with genuine manufacturers parts and come with manufacturers warranty.

If you are unable to drop off your robotic pool cleaner we do offer to pick up services located within our pool servicing area of Brisbane, alternatively, for rural customers, we accommodate freighted pool cleaners our stores. Depending on availability of parts repairs generally, take between 2 - 4 business days after we receive the item.

Over the years our Repair Technicians have compiled a list of best practices to keep your robotic pool cleaner safer, healthier and prevent unnecessary wear saving money.

  • The more often the cleaner is used the less debris the pool filter will have to remove from the water which allows the filter to be backwashed less often, saving water and ware on the filter.
  • If the swimming pool is especially dirty, remove larger pieces of debris using a net, pool skim so that the debris does not damage the cleaner or cause a motor overload when it is placed under to much strain.
  • Remove the cleaner from the swimming pool after use, this is to stop exposure to the complex electronics within the pool cleaner main body.
  • When storing the cleaner out of the water make sure it is dry before placing it in the storage bag or caddy.
  • Remove any thermometers, toys and other objects that will stop the cleaner from working or damage the cleaner.
  • Clean the basket after every use to stop staining and debris breakdown which can damage the cleaner.
  • Do not leave the cleaner or control box in direct sunlight, direct sunlight will damage the finish of the cleaner and the touchpads. Ants and other insects should never be allowed near the control boxes.
  • If the turning behavior of the cleaner is no correct the cable might be tangled inside the cable sleeve, lay the cable out in the sun from time to time and until it resumes its original shape (if the problem pursuits the cleaner may require a service).

Common Replacement and Wearing Parts

JC Pool Services carries most common replacement spare parts for Maytronics Dolphins and Zodiac robotic pool cleaners the first part to wear or need replacing is the filters or catcher as sticks and sharp objects will damage them. Tires may also need replacing depending on the finish of the pool and how much use they have had, pebblecrete more frequently than other types of pool finish. Motors are hard to damage to the point of fusion (unable to turn) but can be diagnosed and replaced quite quickly. Control boxes are fragile electronics and if left and uncared for can require complete replacement.

At the end of the day, it is always best to choose preventative maintenance rather than waiting for a complete failure, having the cleaners serviced once every two years can prevent a small issue rolling into a large one. The example we always give is a stick can jam inside the track and then work its way into the axle damaging the motor costing more to repair in the long run.

For more information regarding robotic and electric pool cleaner repairs and servicing Brisbane call 1300 117 665 alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three locations.