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Pool Pump Repairs

Swimming pool pumps are mainly made up of a AC or DC electric motor that is attached to a impeller that pulls water from the skimmer box or suction line of your swimming pool, this allows for water to then be passed through your filtration, heating methods or water features before returning back the main body of the pool. In summer it is suggested that single speed swimming pool pumps run a minimal of eight (8) hours to not only turn over the volume of water through the filtration but to keep up with the increased swimming demand. For energy efficient pumps or "eco" pumps it will all depend on the speed and flow rate of the pump which can be done by extrapolating the flow rate from your pump manufacturers brochure or manual and then referencing the volume of the pool, though the pump will run longer at a lower speed it will be far more cost effective.

With pool pumps doing all the heavy lifting and running upwards of eight (8) hours a day it is important to keep them maintained and working efficiently to avoid any issues with incorrect filtration and water turn over. Once very three to four years it is recommended to have your pool pump serviced and or overhauled. Typically there are two kinds of pump services, wet end and mechanical seal servicing which is normally inexpensive depending on the make and model of pump and overhauls which is also referred to as a "rewind" when the bearings and windings of the pump are serviced which can is normally the top of repairs.

Zodiac FloPro Pool Pump Motor

Repair or Replacement Pool Pump

Once a repair is quoted it is always recommended depending on the amount to consider what is being replaced and how long is the expected time of service, referring to the expense of the repair to how long will it last. There would be no reason to spend 70% of the cost of a new pool pump on a repair as new pumps come with new warranty lasting years and with the option of energy efficient pool pumps there is savings to be had.

My pump is loud or hums

If your pool pump is loud it is most likely due to the bearings inside the motor wearing due to age and in most cases is fully repairable. If the pump hums it can be an obstruction causing the motor shaft from turning or fusion but is most commonly the capacitor which gives the electric motor a jump start when it first turns on. Note that all electrical works should be done by a qualified electrician to prevent any risk of injury.

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