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Commercial Pool Heating

JC Pool Services has used Australian Energy Systems swimming pool heaters for a long time, given our background in commercial swimming pools and now with their range of Inverter Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pumps a match has been made. Sharing the same durability and energy saving inverter technology we are now able to provide all the benefits of commercial control systems to a cost saving commercial pool heating method. Inverter heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool with low operating costs.

Why We Choose Australian Energy Systems Heat Pumps

Heating & Cooling

Our range offers solutions for heating and cooling, as well as automatic mode to suit all pool temperature requirements and weather conditions.

Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger

The spiral titanium heat exchanger ensures maximum heat transfer and is more efficient than standard heat exchangers.

Variable Speed Compressor

Variable speed compressor technology creates higher efficiencies by only drawing the power it needs based on the pool heating requirements.

Wi-Fi Control

The inverter heat pump range allows users to easily control their heat pump remotely with the Full Inverter iOS & Android app.

Ideal for commercial swimming pool environments especially around the public the Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant will help tick the environmentally friendly tick box

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