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Suction Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

My suction pool cleaner does not move

Suction cleaners are powered by your pump's water flow whilst the pump is operating; they cover the whole pool in a random pattern but only while the pool circulation system is on.

For a suction pool cleaner that is not working at all, the first step is to check the cleaner hose to make sure that it is firmly attached to the suction line in the skimmer.

Check the hose sections to make sure there are no air leaks, either where the hose sections join together, or from splits or holes in the hose. You will also want to check the diaphragm for stretching or tears. Or if a hammer style cleaner, check there are no blockages around the hammer.

My cleaner is too slow

Usually, the main reason for this is a congested pool filter, skimmer basket or a clog at the intake hole at the bottom of your pool cleaner. To clean the intake hole, just flip the cleaner over underwater and look down into the intake hole.

You will also want to make sure that there are no obstructions in the hose, and that all hose connections are tight and secure.

Next step is to clean your skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter. If there are leaves or rocks trapped in there, it will reduce your pumps water flow which in turn will slow down a suction pool cleaner. Check the diaphragm for tears or stretching and test the speed control valve at the skimmer to identify that your system has enough flow for the cleaner to operate properly.

My cleaner is too fast

As mentioned above, suction pool cleaners work based on your pool pump water flow. If you have an especially powerful pool pump or your water flow is exceptionally fast, your cleaner may move faster than usual. This can cause your cleaner to skip over some debris, as it “flies” around the pool. It can also move up above your waterline and draw in the air if it is running too fast.

Most suction cleaners have a speed control valve in the skimmer that will allow you to control the flow. Make adjustments and retest. If you have other incoming suction lines, such as the main drain or secondary skimmer, opening these lines more fully will reduce the flow from the line that the cleaner is connected to.

My cleaner is not covering the entire pool

Seems like a big issue but the solution may be as simple as checking the hose length. In order for the pool cleaner to be able to reach all areas of your pool, the hose should be long enough to reach from the skimmer or dedicated suction line to the furthest point in the pool with 100cm to spare. If the suction hose is not long enough, add extra lengths of hose. You can also try swapping the (2) end sections of the hose around ensuring you also swap the hose weight at the same time.

Adjustments to the direction of the return jets in your pool can also affect cleaner coverage. Your returning water may be pushing your cleaner away from certain areas.

If the hose length or return flow is not the problem, consult your owner’s manual for slight adjustments to the hose or cleaner which will create a different cleaning pattern.

I'm noticing air bubbles at the return line

This may be caused by air leaks in the hose or the connections. If the vacuum connections are not fitted together tightly or the hose is punctured, air will leak into the system, causing bubbles to appear at the return wall fitting.

Check the hose and vacuum connections for any air leaks; the vacuum connections can be tightened and secured with o-rings. Hose leaks generally can't be fixed effectively, therefore, we would recommend replacing the faulty section of hose. Try removing the cleaner to rule out air leaks that may be evident somewhere else in the filter system.

If after reading this guide you are still having problems with your suction cleaner call 1300 117 665 alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three locations.