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General Pool Water Troubleshooting

Why has my pool turned green

Your pool will turn green for predominantly one main reason - lack of sanitizer (chlorine). What you really need to ask is why is there no chlorine in the pool? The answer could be one or more of the following:-

  • Low salt levels
  • Faulty chlorinator
  • Calcified chlorinator cell
  • Low stabilizer levels
  • Insufficient equipment running hours
  • Undersized equipment
  • Reduced water flow due to clogged filter or baskets
  • If you have a chlorine pool then the reason could simply be that you are not adding enough chlorine each day
  • The best solution is to give JC Pool Services a call on 1300 117 665. We can arrange a quick inspection or your equipment and rectify any problem.

How long should my pump run for?

Your pump and filter system should have been matched to the size of your pool when it was built so the total water volume is re-circulated at least twice a day. In most cases, this means the pump should be running at around 8 hours per day during the summer period.

What is the best time to run my pump

In a saltwater pool, chlorine is produced by the chlorinator cell while the system is running. It is generally recommended that the pump is set to run in the early mornings and late afternoons when the sunlight isn't directly hitting the pool. UV light from the sun can quickly remove chlorine as it is being produced.

How often should I have my pool serviced

The answer to this is, of course, going to depend very much on the individual circumstances, but as a general guide, for units and other pools with heavy bather loads, at least once a week. For private pools with an average usage, once a fortnight is recommended. For pools that have little use and are not directly affected by nearby vegetation, once every four weeks should suffice. During the wet season, no pool should go any more than two weeks without at least having a water test.

Is my pool leaking

Evaporation rates in the Queensland climate can be very high, especially during the dry season. From 5mm to 7mm per day is not uncommon. As the dry season arrives, people are often alarmed at how quickly the water level drops, however in most cases it is only evaporation. Try this simple test: fill the pool to the correct level and make a mark with a pencil inside your skimmer box at the water line. Check this mark each day over the next few days and measure the drop in water level. If it is more than the current evaporation rate then there may be a leak. If this is the case, call JC Pool Services to locate and repair the leak.

Is there too much chlorine in the pool

If there is a strong smell of chlorine coming from your pool then there is most likely in need of an oxidizing (or) shock treatment. A shock treatment should be done at least monthly. The odor of strong chlorine occurs when the chlorine in your pool has combined with the organic matter and bather wastes within the pool. This combined chlorine remains in the pool however it is unhealthy and is no longer free and available to continue as an effective sanitizer. Oxidising pool water in a regular pool maintenance routine is often overlooked but it is one of the most important steps in keeping your pool healthy for swimming and running properly.

What is causing my kid's eyes to sting

The most likely cause of eye irritation is incorrectly balanced water and high pH levels. The ideal pH level in a swimming pool for the human body is 7.4. Even with high chlorine levels if the water is a pH of 7.4 the chlorine should not cause eye irritation.

Should I drain the pool if its full?

During the dry season, definitely not. If we have enough rain at this time of year to overfill the pool you can rest assured it will not last and within a very short space of time, the water will evaporate off again. During the wet season, we only recommend you drain the pool if it is going to overflow or if there is a lot of leaf matter in the pool. If you must drain the pool, remember these two things:-

Use the "waste" position on the valve, NOT "backwash", and NEVER turn the valve while the pump is running.

For more information regarding general swimming pool water troubleshooting or advice call 1300 117 665 alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three locations.