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Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt water chlorinator systems are the most popular form of pool water sanitizing in Australia and work by converting salt water into chlorine gas - a highly effective sanitizer for swimming pools. Saltwater chlorinators offer pool owners the benefits of automatic chlorine generation, low maintenance, control of your pool's filtration cycles and minimized handling of chemicals. If you currently run a freshwater system with dosed liquid or granular chlorine, you should consider converting to a salt water pool and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of salt water plus the convenience of automatic chlorine generation. To learn more about saltwater chlorination contact JC Pool Services today on 1300 117 665.

Zodiac TRi XO Salt Chlorinator

JC Pools is proud to offer the latest Zodiac salt water chlorinator. The Zodiac TRI XO is not just any salt chlorinator though, with options to switch between salt water and mineral salts usage as well as adding PH adjustment, this is the chlorinator to suit any pool up to 100KL.

TRI- XO is easy to use and easy to install.

Zodiac TRI-XO comes from a long line of research and development in salt and mineral chlorine generation which means not only are they superior in operation, they are easy to use and have been built with the retail end user in mind.

XO Crossover Chlorinators can be switched from salt to mineral at the press of a button, likewise adding the PH Balancing unit if it wasn't purchased initially is also a simple process. The TRI XO comes with everything in the box ready to work and with simple 15 - 30-minute installations our technicians at JC Pools will have you swimming in a clean and healthy pool in no time.

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We offer a variety of other Salt Water Chlorinators and brands to meet your needs, from low maintenance - reverse polarity models with high output electrolytic cells for large pools. As well as compact, basic, entry-level models for small pools and spas.

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