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Pool Heating

If you’re looking for a swimming pool heating system in Brisbane, you have come to the right place. A pool heating system installed by JC Pool Services will allow you to swim in your commercial or domestic pool or spa all year round.

Domestic Pool Heat Pumps

We have a great range of domestic pool heat pumps that allow you to enjoy swimming at night, in the morning or in the middle of winter at the temperature that you want. Pool heat pumps are very quiet and efficient and come with an easy to operate LCD touch pad, allowing you to set your pool's temperature with a touch of a button. Domestic pool heat pumps vary in price from as little as $3500 up to $15,000 depending on pool size. To arrange a quote for a pool heat pump, call us now 1300 117 665.

Commercial Pool Heaters

JC Pool Services can also supply & install large commercial pool heating systems. Our range of commercial pool heaters are designed to meet the demands of the commercial pool industry and are installed in commercial and community locations regardless of the size or location of the pool.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar utilizes the sun’s heat and is the most cost-effective way of heating a swimming pool. A digital controller is set to automatically switch the system on and off during hours when the roof temp is greater than the pool temperature.

A boost pump circulates the water through the solar collector on the roof returning warm water to the pool. This process continues until the pool reaches the desired temperature indicated on the controller.

Solar Pool heating is inexpensive to run and is an ideal way to extend your swimming season with the least expense. Solar pool heating systems start from $3500 up to $7000 depending on pool size and installation factors.

If you would like an obligation free quote for heating your pool or for more information regarding swimming pool heating and servicing Brisbane call 1300 117 665 alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three locations.