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Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Sand & Cartridge Filters

JC Pool Services can supply an extensive range of Hi-rate sand filters and cartridge filters, suitable for all swimming pool types and sizes. We highly recommend using Diamond Kleen or Noria FLO Glass filtration media as an option for our clients who wish to have enhanced performance and longevity from their filtration system.

If you don't require a new filter but just want better performance from your existing sand filter, we can arrange a glass filter media change which will drastically improve the flow and filtration properties of your pool's entire hydraulic system. Pool glass filter media will also reduce your chemical consumption costs & water usage. To read more about the benefits of glass filter media click here.

Which type of filter is best for my pool

The filter is the most important part of any swimming pool system. The filters purpose is to remove dead matter and debris from the pool water so bacteria does not feed off it enabling you to swim in a clean and clear pool. Choosing the correct pool filter can be a confusing task with so many types and sizes available, this is why we suggest you contact one of our friendly JC Pool Services staff with your questions. Call 1300 117 665

Sand Filters

Sand filters use specially graded sand, zeolite or crushed glass as the filter media. The water enters the filter's Multi-Port Valve and then travels down through the bed of sand trapping the dirt and debris between the coarse grains of media. The filtered water is removed from the bottom of the tank through the filter's internal laterals and is then returned to the valve and back to the pool. When regular silica sand is used in the tank it can filter out debris down to 15 microns in size, which is very small considering that humans can't see 100 microns by eye. When glass media is used, filtration is improved to as low as 5 microns.

Cartridge Filters

The main advantages of cartridge filters are they are less expensive to buy and the filter element can be removed and cleaned using a garden hose on your lawn. This reduces excessive water wastage when compared to a sand filter which backwashes hundreds of liters per minute down a waste pipe. Cartridge filters are also ideal when a suitable drain is too far away from the pool.

JC Pool Services have cartridge filters in stock for almost any pool. They range in size from a few square feet up to 450 square ft. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and provide very good water clarity. Most cartridges are made from polyester and will last for 4 to 5 years if maintained properly.

The cartridge filter comes into its own in regards to size relative to flow rate. They are very compact making them ideal when space is not available. A bypass valve between the pump and filter can be used to allow for vacuuming to waste and removal of excess water after heavy rain. To clean a cartridge filter you simply use a garden hose to hose off the dirt.

For more information regarding swimming pool filter replacements or repairs and servicing Brisbane call 1300 117 665 alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three locations.