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Pool Blankets

6 Reasons why Thermal Pool Blankets are better

Heated swimming pools evaporate over twice their volume every year. On a standard 8 x 4m pool, that’s almost 80,000 liters of water lost every year which can be up to 30% of your household water bill.

A quality thermal pool blanket will eliminate over 90% of this water loss, helping you to meet local government guidelines for water usage. JC Pool Services will only supply pool covers and blankets that have the Smart Approved Watermark.

1. If your pool is heated via gas or electricity you can cut your heating bill

A thermal blanket is up to twice as effective at retaining heat as a solar or bubble cover, ensuring your heating does half the work. This saves you money. Thermal blankets are specifically designed to work with your pool heating, whether gas/electric or solar. Most of the heat loss in pools occurs during the evening when the outside temperatures drop dramatically. With this drop in temperature, the water in the pool also loses a lot of heat - as much as 10 to 12˚c. A solar/bubble cover will do little in comparison to prevent this heat loss.

2. A Thermal Blanket will last longer than other pool covers

A thermal cover, though warranted for 5 years, will generally last for around 10 years. A solar cover, when used in conjunction with a heated pool can begin breaking down within a few years. A thermal blanket also won’t overheat and melt if left on the roller in the sun.

3. A Thermal Blanket looks best

There is a common misconception that thermal blankets are only for indoor pools. This is incorrect. A thermal blanket works just as well on an indoor pool, as an outdoor pool and in fact, if used on an indoor pool, it has the added benefit of reducing condensation.

4. Thermal Blankets require less maintenance

Unlike solar/bubble covers, a Thermal blanket is safe to leave uncovered in the sun. You don’t need to worry about voiding the warranty every time you remove the cover from the pool. Also, being a flat multi-layered, foam-based material it holds its shape better than flimsy covers and will lie neat and flat on the pool.

5. A Thermal Blanket blocks out sunlight

Sunlight is what assists algae growth, so blocking it out & keeping your pool dark with a Thermal blanket will reduce your chemical usage and maybe even filtering hours. A solar cover will allow sunlight to pass through.

6. Get a return on your investment

With all of the above benefits, a quality thermal blanket will pay for itself in under 2 years. A thermal cover though warranted for 5 years, will generally last for around 10 years. A solar cover is cheaper up front, but for the small extra initial outlay, you will get a cover that will last much longer and will pay for itself in less than 2 years due to all the savings a thermal blanket has to offer.

Solar Pool Covers

Save more of the sun's warmth

A solar pool cover will warm the top 45cms of pool water by up to 8 degrees Celsius. Solar energy passes through the transparent cover material to heat the pool water. It works just like a garden greenhouse. The result is more warmth in - less heat out.

Water is an excellent absorber of the sun’s energy, and two meters of the world’s oceans absorb close to 85% of available solar energy. Free solar energy from the sun passes through the transparent cover to heat your pool water.

A solar pool cover continues to transmit solar energy into the pool while insulating and preventing evaporative heat loss - resulting in a warmer 
pool and an extended swimming season.

Save on water loss and evaporation

Calculating evaporation rates is a very complicated process, with many variables such as water surface area, water temperature, air temperature, air pressure, air density, wind speed, and humidity - among others - all affecting evaporation.

A quality pool cover can save up to 10,000 liters per month in large pools. And water saving is more important than ever. In fact, the average size pool can lose a staggering one and a half times the total volume. So a 50,000-litre pool can lose 75,000 liters of water through the swimming season.

Installing a pool cover simply means you won't need to run the hose 45 minutes every week through summer!

The main factors that affect evaporation rates from domestic outdoor pools are:

  • Pool surface area
  • The temperature of the water and air
  • Humidity
  • Wind

Save on chemicals

All pool covers will cut your salt and chemical use by up to 50%. A major cost of pool maintenance. No matter which forms chlorine is added to the pool water it eventually returns to its natural state as a gas and escapes into the atmosphere. With a cover in use, the gas is trapped and stays in the water longer.

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