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Pool Automation

Do you have a feature on your swimming pool that requires you to go over and turn a valve such a fountain, adjust your chlorine output, turn on your pool lights? What if you wanted to turn on your pool cleaner, isolate the spa from the pool, turn the fountain, lights and setting the spa temperature all while being at work so when you get home your pool and spa are ready, all those features and more are available directly from your phone.

Pool Automation Features

  • Monitor water temperatures
  • Monitor roof temperatures
  • Adjust heater output temperatures
  • Turn pool lighting on and off as well as change cycles
  • Adjust pump speed (ideal for single pump solar heating solutions)
  • Turn manual valves using actuators
  • Adjust filtration times
  • Turn spa and pool blower
  • Turn on pool cleaners
  • And many more

Most pool automation uses a central “junction” box to connect the pool equipment to in one way or another, after schedules are set and rules are made so that everything works together the junction box is introduced to an online service proprietary to each brand, usernames and passwords are made and the application is synced to your mobile device. Using the same username and password you are able to access the pre-programmed features on the junction box.

Pool Automation is a way to take complicated valve positions and any stress out of owning a pool as most Pool Automation Systems include the ability to use actuator valves turning the old hand valves to preset positions depending on the requirement. We have helped owners who simply wish to be able to turn on the pool cleaner and fountain with automation all the way up to complete automation systems that the pool is unable to run without.

Automation helps save money

Automation can save on future equipment as well as the day to day running costs of your swimming pool. If a pool had a solar controller that tells the valve to open and close depending on the water and roof temperature and the controller no longer works, pool automation can take over that piece of equipment, feature and many more.

  • Save water from turning your foundation off when not using it
  • Save electricity being able to turn your pool lights on when you need it
  • Save electricity from pump usage as most automation systems can control the pump speed.
  • Save money with the included solar controller functionality and VS adjusting features for pumps.

By making features easier to adjust from anywhere in the world and the ability to become more responsive will save you money. At JC Pool Services upon request, we adjust running times of equipment seasonally for our customers by logging into there Automation systems without leaving the store saving call out fees as well as getting error warnings from the systems directly to us so we can prevent problems before they start.

We supply, service and install many automation systems such as Zodiac Aqualink, Pentair Intellitouch, Astral Connect 10 and Haywards OmniLogic, if you have any questions regarding the differences or would like to talk more about automation and possible savings do not hesitate to call, or email.


If you are wanting to access features from your phone and not directly from the junction box there must be a WIFI internet connection available, direct CAT5 cables can be run but are found to be troublesome. We have found it best to use WiFi boosters to extend the range to the transmitting device.

For more information regarding swimming pool automation and servicing Brisbane call 1300 117 665 alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three locations.