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Mineral Swim

Dead Sea Mineral Swim by Maytronics

You may know Maytronics by is domestic and commercial robotic swimming pool cleaners such as the Dolphin and Wave, with amazing performance and quality they have released a sodium salt water alternative using minerals from the Dead Sea. With the highest concentration of magnesium "Mineral Swim" uses a conjunction of minerals from the Dead Sea and Ozone to create a self oxidizing therapeutic swimming experience, no more will you need to super chlorinate as the Ozone generator not only allows for a lower concentration of chlorine present in the pool water and still remain safe but will no longer require large amounts of chlorine to remove chloramines from your swimming pool.

Mineral Swim & Ozone by Maytronics Kids Swimming

Mineral Swim by Maytronics works by mixing four elements, Minerals by Maytronics from the Dead Sea, Ozone generator providing dual purification and safe sanitisation, Maytronics customer care & service,the AHAVA range of skin care products. Together they make Mineral Swim.

Mineral Swim Display located in Norman Park

Super chlorination should be done monthly to quarterly depending on the difference between free and total chlorine, you release the chloramines by adding a large amount of chlorine to the pool water to "shock" the chlorine and burn off the chloramines. With Mineral Swim there is no requirement to add extra chlorine to shock the pool as it is self oxidizing, great for those who suffer from skin conditions and reactions to traditional salt and chlorine swimming pools.

Mineral Swim is 100% Dead Sea Minerals which deliver a range of heath and therapeutic benefits through the most concentrated mineral system on the market. Mineral Swim by Maytronics is known to:

  • Enhance pool water quality – softer and more gentle than traditional salt and chlorine pools - ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Reduce chemical and water usage - offering a more environmentally friendly solution.
  • Provide exceptional water clarity - magnesium is a natural flocculant.
  • Help to ease muscle tension.
  • Stimulate skin hydration and soften the skin.
  • Recreate a natural mineral pool that people have enjoyed for centuries at the Dead Sea.
  • Detoxify and regenerate the skin, boosting its natural defence system.

Dead Sea Mineral Swim & Ozone by Maytronics

Try our in store samples and talk to our friendly staff to find out more about Mineral Swim by Maytronics, or stop into or Norman Park store and see our in store displays and try the AHAVA samples for true Element Synergy.

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