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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Pump Star Rating

Energy efficient swimming pool pumps or “Eco” pumps as they have come to be called are pumps that use a variable speed motor to decrease the speed of the impeller and in turn flow rate, to save energy. The principle behind the idea is the same as a car in regards to fuel, a car will use a lot more fuel on redline then it will coasting at sixty kilometers an hour. Manufacturers achieve this by using curved water flow wet ends on the pump to increase flow rate compared to other models that, coupled with a motor that does not require as much energy to maintain specific RPMs gives us an Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Pump, or “Eco” pump.

Two popular options we stock are the Zodiac e3 Flo Pro Variable speed pool pump and the Astral Viron XT Variable speed pool pump.

The prime objective for upgrading or switching to an energy efficient swimming pool pump is cost saving. Some manufacturers pool pumps are incredibly efficient and depending on your current use / requirements / energy cost we have seen customers save over $200 a quarter. Remembering that if your running an energy efficient pump on an “Eco” or low RPM you must still turn the volume of water through the filtration once a day. If you are unsure how to calculate the flow rate of your pump see us in store or a good rule of thumb is six to eight hours depending on your equipment, debris and bather use.

The highest advantage that most end users have with Eco pumps is the level of sound difference, as there is a lower speed on the pump that means less water which in turn means the pump is far quieter. Each of our three store locations has a working display featuring the Zodiac VS (Variable Speed) energy efficient swimming pool pump if you would like to hear the difference for yourself or play with the settings simply ask a staff member.

Zodiac E3 vs Astral Viron XT variable speed swimming pool pump

Pool pumps are one of the most energy demanding appliances in your home

The average pool owner spends around $600 annually to run their standard fixed speed pump, accounting for more than 20% of a household’s electricity costs. Energy efficient pool pumps minimize electricity use by adjusting energy levels depending on the function being performed.

Compared to older model pool pumps, the latest generation of variable speed pumps are up to 80% more energy efficient, which means you’ll see very big ongoing savings on your electricity costs.

Saving money on your pool is easy

  • Ask us how much money you could save compared to your existing fixed speed pump.
  • Purchase a minimum 5-star energy efficient pool pump.
  • Arrange for us to install your new energy efficient pool pump.

Energy saving pool pumps in stock at JC Pool Services include Astral Hurlcon Viron XT, Zodiac VS Pump & Aqualink, Davey Eco-Master, Hayward TriStar ET350, Pentair Intelliflo, Sta-Rite Intellipro.

For more information regarding energy efficient swimming pool pumps installed in Brisbane call 1300 117 665 alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three locations.