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"How often should I have my water tested?"

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A common question we are asked quite a lot is “how often should I have my water tested”. Let's first take a look at what things affect your swimming pool water balance, rain, filling up with fresh water, swimming, leaves, debris and heat to name a few, everything affects a swimming pool as it is an unnatural body of water.

Taking all those factors of change into consideration it is best to test your swimming pool water as often as you can to help promote a healthy and cost effective swimming experience.

Benefits of a balanced swimming pool:
- Safe swimming environment for bathers no sore eyes or skin irritations.
- It will increase the longevity of your pool equipment as improper balance can damage many parts of your pool including the finish / surface over time.
- Automatic pool cleaners perform best in balanced water especially robotic pool cleaners as they won't slide down the pool walls.

Swimming Pool Water Testing

As the water chemistry can change daily depending on weather, use and debris the best practice is to test the water twice a week in summer and once a month in winter using a professional service and testing method provided the pool is clear, sooner if the pool is cloudy or going green.

Between visits or services a home test kit that measures the chlorine and pH level in the water is always recommended to give you the ability to do any preventative maintenance to the pool and keep the pool actively sanitised, clear and comfortable. Our recommendation is to purchase a kit that gives you the opportunity to buy the testing reagents individually which will reduce the cost per test.

For more information regarding the safe pool water balance and testing call 1300 117 665 or alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three store locations in Norman Park, Fairfield & Wishart.