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Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank

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For the first time in almost a decade, Kreepy Krauly have released a new suction based swimming pool cleaner made and designed in Australia for all the world to benefit from.

Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Swimming Pool Cleaner

The RX-Tank from Kreepy Krauly is a great addition to their already impressive and legendary suction side line up of swimming pool cleaners expected to match or outperform both cleaning potential and durability Kreepy Krauly is known for. Using an interestingly different approach sporting a front brush divided into two it shows Kreepy Krauly have been listening and watching market trends closely as no other manufacturer has successfully tried on a suction side cleaner. Using this design should elevate any potential problems of the cleaner bottoming out on hydrostatic covers which can be a concern for some consumers.

Kreepy Krauly’s RX-Tank creates a powerful vortex vacuum, even when using variable speed pool pumps (eco pumps). The vortex vacuum generates superior circulation to aid in the restriction of flow that a suction cleaner generally creates.

Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Features

Like many Kreepy Krauly models the RX-Tank works under swimming pool blankets and compatible with all swimming pool surfaces or finishes.

Some features of the RX-Tank include:

A Power Steering Halo
Advanced power steering delivers unbeatable wall traction for multi-angle wall cleaning.

Halo Pump Protection
The halo is a guardian angel for your pool pump, ensuring your cleaner releases off the pool wall preventing air from entering your system.

Dual Drive Navigation
X-Nav technology with a dual drive coverage system that independently navigates the RX-Tank in any direction across the floor and wall it intelligently creates a cleaning path for your pool and effortlessly cleans it for you.

Fully Automatic
Plug and play, just empty your skimmer basket no need for manual lifting or power cords making it a truly automatic solution.

X-Tream Clean Power Brushes
Dual hydraulic power brushes agitate and lift dirt and debris.

Turbo Cleaning Cycle
Tough even through sand and other fine debris.

Kreepy Krauly Design

For more information regarding the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank suction swimming pool cleaner call 1300 117 665 or alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three store locations in Norman Park, Fairfield & Wishart.