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Pool Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

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All swimming pool equipment needs servicing at some stage or another, today we are going to run over what equipment needs servicing in order to prevent irreparable damage saving you money and hopefully a stress free swimming season.

Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance

Swimming Pool Pump Breakdown

Pool pumps use an electric motor to push water through your pools filtration system, combined with an impeller on the end of the shaft between them sits a mechanical seal which looks like a metal spring (number 2 in the diagram above) which allows for spacing between the backplate of the pump. If the mechanical seal wares down the impeller (the part pushing the water number 3) will make direct contact with the backplate or diffuser damaging the pump motor or backplate.

A sign of the mechanical seal requiring replacement is water dripping underneath the pool pump. It is at this time a good idea to replace any body o’rings between the motor and wet end or inside the diffuser (the impeller cover)

You can wait until symptoms come around and then choose action or have your pool pump serviced once every two to three years. Note that this is just a guide some choose to have the pump serviced in winter once a year to limit any problems with the pool in the summer season. It is also a good idea to lubricate the union o'rings with silicone based lubricant to prevent the o’rings from drying out over time and causing leaks.

Multi-Media (Sand or Glass) and Cartridge Filters

First Multi-Media filters, lubricate all union o’rings with silicone based lubricant that attach to the MPV (Multi Port Valve). If you are courageous enough to remove the valve from the tank there is also another o’ring there, just be sure to get nothing down the stand pipe or it will damage the filters flow. If you are having your media replaced which should be done every 6 - 8 years this is also a very good maintenance points.

Cartridge filters share the same idea when lubricating the o’rings, when it comes to the cartridge element we recommend replacing it once every 2 - 3 years depending on the environment and use. Even though a cartridge element can look ok depending on its age fine debris and paper break down can cause excessive back pressure on your pool pump limiting its life.

Salt Water Chlorinators

Nothing too out of the ordinary here just lubricate the union and cell o’ring, if the cell is damaged or past its life replace it. Note that all salt water chlorinator electrodes are sacrafisual and are suppose to be replaced over time. When talking about the chlorinator power supply it's always best to keep an ant barrier around it and try to keep bugs and geeks out as much as possible.

Robotic Pool Cleaners Maintenance & Repairs

Well that's all going to depend on what brand of robotic pool cleaner you have and if it stays in the swimming pool or not. We all know they aren't supposed to live in the pool 24/7 but some lifestyles don’t allow us to take it in and out every time after use and some have weekly timers which makes it even more tempting.

Zodiac & Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaner repairs & maintenance

After speaking with some of the robotic pool repair technicians on staff we have agreed that in order of preventative maintenance once every two years is always a good idea. Remember some robotic pool cleaner brands are more serviceable than others, and some have cheaper parts. Its a real mixed bag when its comes to robotic pool cleaner servicing just be sure that you ask what's included in the service and what isn’t then there isn’t any surprises.

Example for Maytronics Dolphin servicing our repair technicians inspect, reseal, lubricate, replace if required all motor seals upon servicing a unit as a robotic pool cleaner motor can only be underwater for so long before the motor seal is compromised destroying the motor.

Having the swimming pool chemically balanced also helps in prolonging the age of the robotic pool cleaner as well as taking it out of the pool when not using it.

For more information regarding swimming pool equipment maintenance and repairs Brisbane call 1300 117 665 alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three locations.

Best Regards,
The JC Pool Services Team.