Spa Electric Pool LightPool Lights and Pool Light Spares

Pool Lighting is one of the most important choices you will make when it comes to options for your pool.  Perhaps you are looking to brighten your pool up at night or just make it safer to use.

Pool lighting can be fitted after the pool has been built but you should really talk to our staff first about that as an option. You can also get not only wall lights but free floating lights as well, so all is not lost if your pool is already built and you need some light.

At JC Pools we offer a range of lights to suit any pool and a range a spare parts for most pool lights.  We usually have in stock light globes and minor spare parts for the main stream brands and we can offer advice and service on installations and repairs of your pool light.

Pool Light Wattage and Power Usage

All pool lights these days are 12 volt, if you have an old pool light it is possible that the light is higher than 12 volts, some of the older pool lights ran 12, 24 or 32 volt.  Older lights can also be changed over using a pool light conversion kit, there is also the option to change the light over the to the new style of LED light as well.

Pool lights generally use 100 or 150 watt globes, they differ brand to brand however they are generally halogen and available at both our Norman Park and Fairfield Pool Shops.

If you need more information about pool lights contact us today on 1300117665