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A Magnapoolis a unique kind of swimming pool. You will be swimming in soothing mineral based water, made up of natural Magnesium and Potassium minerals from the ocean that assist in detoxing your body every time you swim. This is ultimately better for your health and the environment. Magnapool mineral water has amazing therapeutic and health benefits, as the Magnesium chloride minerals in Magnapool water are best absorbed transdermally (through the skin).

Magnapool’s patented blend of magnesium chloride & potassium chloride mineral salts are the key ingredients in Magnapool water. This unique mineral salt blend works in conjunction with a reverse polarity chlorinator to produce a silky, smooth substance called Magnesium Hydroxide to assist in producing superior water quality for swimming pools. Every swim is a rejuvenating experience for your body as Magnapool water is extremely gentle on you and on the environment

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  • The MagnaPool™ system delivers a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional salt or heavily dosed chlorinated pools.
  • Water that is rich in Magnesium & Potassium minerals.
  • Water that won't leave a chlorine smell or salty residue on your skin, nor will it discolour blonde hair.
  • Water that is gentle and therapeutic on sensitive skin.
  • Water that is therapeutic for your body and beneficial for your health and well-being.
  • Water that has increased clarity, always giving you a crystal clear pool.
  • Water that will reduce your carbon footprint on the environment due to decreased water consumption, energy savings and the elimination of harsh chemicals.

See guidelines below showing average cost to maintain a Magnapool annually with minerals. Mineral dosing will depend on rainfall, dilution and frequency of backwashing.

30,000 litre pool:
3 - 4 10kg bags of MagnaPool™ Minerals per year
Estimate Only

50,000 litre pool:
5 - 6 10kg bags of MagnaPool™ Minerals per year
Esitmate Only

Magnapool is technology that you cannot buy just anywhere. Not just anyone can build, test or service your Magnapool. If you are looking to renovate your existing pool to a Magnapool contact JC Pool Services today on 1300 117 665

LADDER GRAB RAIL ENQUIRYMagnapool Minerals are available from JC Pool Services at both stores in  Norman Park and Fairfield Brisbane.