JC Pool Services are here to help you choose the right pool cleaner for your pool and budget. We specialise in all types of swimming pool cleaners and stock an extensive range, suitable for domestic and commercial applications, above ground and inground pools and all surfaces

Pool cleaners can be broken down into 3 main types, Suction, Pressure, Robotic

Suction Cleaners

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Suction type pool cleaners are attached to the skimmer box or a dedicated suction point and are usually powered by the filter pump. The cleaner vacuums the pool floor in a random pattern and sucks up dirt and debris and deposits it via a hose into the skimmer box. Larger material such as leaves, bigger insects and flower petals, are trapped in the basket inside the skimmer for emptying later.

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Pressure Cleaners

Pressure side pool cleaners are designed in most cases to use a separate auxiliary pump. They take some of the filtered water from the pool return line, boost the pressure, and return it to the cleaning system. This filtered high pressure water is then used to jet into every corner of the pool. It uses the “venturi” effect to draw leaves and other pool debris into an on-board container equipped with a net bag. This method puts no load on the filter system which makes it especially useful in very leafy situations. While in operation, full skimming action is available, making the skimmer more effective in removing surface debris.

Robotic Cleaners

SUPREMEM4Robotic pool cleaners travel the entire floor of the pool sweeping and vacuuming debris which is then picked up and deposited in the body of the cleaner. They have their own pump and drive motor as well as a small built-in filter, which cleans the water before returning it back into the pool.

Robotic cleaners feature self-programming scanning software, enabling them to automatically calculate the most effective cleaning patterns according to your pool dimensions. The software also controls the filtering, scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming process, irrespective of surface finish or pool shape.

The additional process of also cleaning the pool water and surfaces enhances the pool water quality. By gathering the organic contamination into its own filter bag, and not depositing it into the pool’s filter system, saves on chemical costs. This filter bag can be removed after every timed operation cycle and washed if required.

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