Noria FLO Crystallite Filter Media

What is NORIA FLO Glass Media?

Noria Flo is a form of water filtration made from 100% fused silicon dioxide. FLO is far less degradable than sand and zeolite and will outlast these traditional types of media by up to 3 times. FLO has various applications however its primary use is for the swimming pool market.  

NORIA FLO glass filtration media has many environmental & health benefits and there are also many long term cost benefits associated with this product. Because of its higher efficiency, a noticeable reduction of costly chemicals and sanitisers required to keep your pool clean is achieved. This also means fewer chemicals are being sent to waste.

FLO media is a non porous glass particle which has superior filtration properties compared to Silica Sand.  It easily filters small contaminant particles and is compatible with all pool treatments such as coagulants and chemical metal removers. FLO is the perfect companion for any media or sand filter, delivering high performance filtration through crystallite granules to filter even the tiniest particles. Tests show that the glass media is able to catch more turbid particles, thereby cleaning water more effectively and efficiently. This can also result in your equipment to be operated for few hours resulting in energy and money saved.

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Virgin crushed glass free of contaminants
  • Removes finer particles from the water compared to sand of an equivalent grade
  • Requires 20% less media to fill your filter
  • Uses up to 25% less water when backwashing
  • Lowers chlorine and chemical consumption

 Unlike sand, the angular, non regular shape of the particles means that the media bed tends to fit together, forming tighter path ways for the pool water to pass through, giving higher grades of filtration and less chance of media channelling. As Noria FLO is 100% new crystallite glass it has no smell, discolouring or contaminants from recycled material. Additionally FLO crystallite structure helps the media “clean” itself quicker in the backwash and rinse process.

FLO’s durability and high performance makes it the best choice for modern pool filtration systems. Making sure to change filter media or filter sand every 5 - 6 years (depending on your usage) is a vital maintenance routine.


Reasons for filter media change is due to the following: 

Filter sand has been ground to a size of .45 to .55 mm in diameter and is rough when new. This roughness is what makes the sand efficient at filtering out the particles of dirt in your water. As this roughness is smoothed out – just like how stones in a stream wear smooth over time – your filter’s efficiency is reduced causing a drastic reduction in the performance of your entire filtration system.  

Over time this increases the amount of sanitising chemicals needed, thereby unneccesarily raising your pool running costs. In addition we have found that after five years, the sand wear can be so much that it allows dirt to penetrate so deep that normal backwashing doesn’t clean it completely. The result is increased filter pressure, bacterial residue and the need for shorter filter cycles requiring more frequent backwashing.

JC Pool Services are proud to be authorised stockists of this fine product.