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How long should you run your Salt Water Chlorinator

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Zodiac eXO Salt Water Chlorinator

This is a general guideline for saltwater chlorinator and sanitation demand for swimming pools, it does also apply to mineral swimming pools such as MagnaPool, Acquatherepe, Theralux, and others, it does not take into account specialty conjunction sanitation methods such as ozone or UV remember everyone’s pool is different nothing's the same and nothing is standardized (within reason).

Saltwater chlorinators for swimming pools are rated in GPH (Grams Per Hour) which is how many grams of chlorine an hour it will produce when set to 100% output. Some manufacturers incorporate this idea into their SKU or model names such as the Auto Chlor RP25 from AIS will produce 25 grams of chlorine per hour when the chlorinator is set to 100%.

If you do not have a saltwater chlorinator and are looking to find which size would be best for your pool please call us on 1300 117 665. For the next part let's assume your pool is already using a chlorinator to provide chlorine.

Everyone's pool is different and thus require different sanitation requirements per day, this will depend greatly on the number of bathers (people using it) a day and for how long the swimming periods are, the size of the swimming pool, environmental issues such as trees or debris from a construction, the weather, any other sanitation methods used and more. With those factors taken into account the simplest way to find the required daily amount of chlorine is to test your water frequently so adjustments to the output can be made it is not a set and forget device as too low of chlorine output can make the pool unsafe too high will damage your equipment and pool not to mention the effects on the bathers.

MagnaPool mineral swimming pool by Zodiac

We recommend testing your water every two weeks in summer (or heavy swimming periods) and monthly in winter. This will help you to be able to adjust the required amount of chlorine your pool needs to be balanced between 2ppm and 4ppm.

So let’s say its summer you have put your single speed filter pump to 8 hours a day because you want to turn the pool volume through the filter twice a day and you have already done your flow rate calculations and that seems sufficient as the safe practice is to turn it over at least once a day regardless. Having a 25 GPH chlorinator set to 100% will produce 200 grams of chlorine a day at 50% it will produce 100 grams a day simply multiplying the output of the chlorination by the hours it runs. Test the pool water in a week's time and make adjustments, a home test kit that checks just chlorine and pH is an invaluable tool.

For more information regarding Saltwater Chlorinators for swimming pools or spas 1300 117 665 or alternatively you can contact us by email or see us in store at one of our three store locations in Norman Park, Fairfield & Wishart.