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So you bought a Mineral Pool, what you need to know.

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Lets be clear first, there is no industry designated guidelines to determine what is a mineral pool and what isn't, that being said lets get into it.

So you bought yourself a “Mineral Pool”, what do you need to know? A  couple of things, Mineral Pool is a very generic and general term used for a lot of different products that are on the market.

A Mineral Pool can be everything from an “Acqua Therepé” by Astral you can be a “Mineral Swim” by Maytronics it can also be a “Magnapool” by Zodiac too name a few, and the reason we use this very generic term is because a ;”Mineral Pool” is anything that isn’t a sodium salt swimming pool.

Technically speaking any mineral pool that has a combination of magnesium and any other mineral other than sodium is a mineral pool. A normal “salt” swimming pool you would add 20kg bags of sodium salt to the swimming pool water and the generator would create sodium hypochlorite, not in most mineral pools case as you are adding a large amount of minerals, the chlorine type will be dictated by the concentrated mineral in the water. For Magnesium mineral pools the generator will create Magnesium Hypochlorite "Mg(ClO)2" with a Molar Mass of 127.2098 through the process of  electrolysis.

Before you visit your pool store you will need to know a few things so that the pool professional can extrapolate how to tune your system to the current temperature, bather load and environment.

  • How many hours a day is the system running.
  • What out put is the sanitation generator (hydroxinator or chlorinator) running at.
  • Do you have an energy efficient pool pump?
  • What kind brand of mineral system do you have
  • What is the volume of the swimming pool

All mineral systems regardless of brand have there own merits it is up to each pool owner to figure out what kind of mineral system will suit themselves or family best.

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